Mr & Mrs Fisher Work Barn Conversion Bedingfield .


The main barn prior to renovation was in a very poor state of repair and was leaning towards the single storey by 12 degrees, due to lack of bracing and exposure to the elements over 100s of years.

Full renovation to a 16th century barn including, underpinning and straightening of original oak timber frame structure. The main oak structure was mainly constructed out of materials reclaimed from existing, only sole plates and a few studs had to be brought in from sources.
The structure was straightened by the use of ground anchors in adjacent field and cables attached to the main center beam and winched slowly and monitored over the course of several hours.
Underpinning was achieved by a method which was designed by our company which was to supporting main structure on structural scaffolding and removal of lower studs, allowing mini excavator to access.
Other main elements of the works included insulating throughout, cladding externally and replacing the roof.
The works were completed within 12 weeks and on budget.



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